She lives in Hereford UK

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WARNING Don't let her near your Pets, definitely don't let her take them or look after them.

WARNING She stole my 2 Cats that I had had from kittens for 5 years before I even met her!

MESSAGE Hopefully this will save somebody else from having to go through having their Pets stolen or something else that means more than anything to them. As well as stealing my 2 Cats she has stolen a few of my cherished possessions, A Guitar I'd had for 20 years and a Bass I'd had for the same amount of time along with other items which are all I have left from relatives who have passed on and other personal items which cannot be replaced for any amount of money. This is all a game to her.


Jas is on the left, She will be 10 this year (is now 10, Updated 1st Oct 2018) and I should be spending it with her. Ginge is on the right. Ginge is Jas's baby which I watched her give birth to in 2009, stolen on the 1st of Sept 2017. There is absolutely nothing she can say that justifies what she has done. When we broke up, the cats are mine, it's as simple as that. We weren't married and we weren't even engaged. There are no circustances where she is entitled to them. Providing care for an Animal does not make it yours or entitle you to any level of ownership and that's what the Law states. I am their legal owner and she is a Criminal. Nomatter how long she manages to get away with stealing them for I am their legal owner and I want them back along with all the poccessions which were stolen. I know I WILL get them back.

It's my Cats I feel most sorry for, I let this crazy person into our lives and she's destroyed us. Jas & Ginge are my family.

Message to Jane Summers & David Weller: You have no legal right to have my Cats in your possession at any time. They are my legally owned property. I don't give you permission to even touch them. Nothing against you, just want my legally owned property returned.